Gretta and Emmy
Greta and Emmy

There's Lots of Great Newfoundland Information on the World Wide Web. Here are Links to the information we've found...

Newf Info and Mailing Lists

Join the Newf-L Mailing List
The Newfie - An Australian Look at the Newf!
The Newfoundland Dog Database
Newfoundland Dog Owner's Guide
AKC Breed Standard for the Newfoundland

Newfoundland Clubs and Friends of Newfoundlands

NCNC's Newfs on the Net - Newfoundland Club of Northern California - Our Friends to the North!
Austrian Newfoundland Club
Central Ontario Region Newfoundland Dog Club
Colonial Newfoundland Club
Columbia River Newfoundland Club
Heart of America Newfoundland Club
Newfoundland Club of America - NCA
Newfoundland Dog Club of Canada
Newfoundland Club of Denmark
Niagara Frontier Newfoundland Club
North Central Newfoundland Club, Inc
South Eastern Working Newfoundlands

Other Dog Information

American Kennel Club
National Animal Poison Control Center