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What Newfoundland Rescue Does

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Newfoundland Rescue finds loving homes for unwanted purebred Newfoundlands.

Newfoundlands in Rescue are acquired from animal shelters or surrendered by owners who can no longer keep them. First, Rescue tries to determine the breeder of the Newfoundland. Responsible Newfoundland breeders will take back dogs they have bred, regardless of age or condition. If the breeder cannot be determined, or the breeder is unwilling or unable to be responsible, Rescue fosters the Newf.

Newfoundland Rescue spays or neuters all Newfoundlands that are fostered by the Rescue Committee. They receive all necessary medical attention and are microchipped so they are permanently identified and linked to our group.

Newfoundland Rescue tries to be the adopting party on all animal shelter dogs. This way a Newf knowledgeable person can assess the dog’s temperament and health status, properly groom the Newf, and make sure it is adopted into an appropriate home.

Who Sponsors Newfoundland Rescue?    

Newfoundland Rescue is a service provided by the Newfoundland Club of Southern California, a regional club of the Newfoundland Club of America.

Rescue is supported by adoption donations, merchandise sales, club functions (puppy matches, dog washes, etc.), and by donations from Newf lovers.

How do I adopt a Newfoundland?

Visit the Newfoundland Club of Southern California

Newfoundland Club of America

NCSC Newfoundland Rescue

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Please remember, we are all volunteers, with families, dogs and jobs of our own. 
Be patient, we will respond

Surrender Contact: Denise Hatakeyama-(562) 943-3248
(714) 564-6614 (Work)

If you are interested in adopting a dog, contact:
Karrie Cook  (310) 245-2747